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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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votes. >> i think it might be of dubious legality. i'm not a lawyer so i can't speak to that. >> yes. yes. yes. >> reporter: it's not going to be cheap. see these boxes? these are ready-to-be counted ballots millions of them. the county registrar of voters says it could be weeks to count them all by hand public hundreds of thousands of dollars and after all that -- you think it's going to change? >> well, i would be very surprised. >> because there has been such a high voter turnout in support of this, we believe it is an important and prudent investment to make sure that all the votes were counted correctly. >> reporter: but as the clock ticks, ticks, ticks, the agency says it will review its decision on a daily basis. they have to find 700 voters who wanted to vote for it and didn't fill out the ballot
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right. that's a lot. one registrar official told me especially at $7,500 a day. and that's not in the budget. absolutely not. >> okay, mike sugerman, thank you. crafts. 's attorney general is announcing a major shift in the way the state handles illegal immigrants. kamala harris is telling local police agencies don't have to follow federal rules when holding them. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee on why the ag has a problem with the feds. grace. >> reporter: she says the intent was good but the execution is overly brought meaning i.c.e. is deporting too many people. according to her research, about a third of the 28,000 people deported were not even criminals and -- 82,000 people deported were not even criminals and she issued the policy change today. >> that's been some confusion and we have been approached by law enforcement up and down the state asking for clarity. >> reporter: she issued a bulletin to all law enforcement agencies in california. if i.c.e.
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asks someone to detail someone they don't have to. she believes the program called security community or s-com is voluntary, not mandatory under the law. currently it requires a police send fingerprints to the department of homeland security whenever they arrest someone. the change now is that if i.c.e. wants to detain them, local law enforcement does not have to keep them in custody. >> i want that rape victim to be sure in knowing if she waves down a police officer in a car that's driving by, she will be protected. >> i think it is a great step. but i'm not sure how quickly the message will be dispersed in the community. >> reporter: jackie gonzalez says she has dozens of bay area clients on the verge of being deported and they are victims. she says this change in policy could have helped a 16 victim she calls ava.
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>> and once they determined who was the victim and who was the aggressor, if it didn't exist, she wouldn't have been in immigration custody and proceedings. it would mean she wouldn't be facing deportation today. so it would have been huge she wouldn't be facing deportation. >> we spoke with the spokesman for i.c.e. said: "the federal government alone sets these priorities and places detainers to ensure that dangerous criminal aliens are not released from prisons and jails into our communities." in california, i.c.e. has deported 82,000 illegal immigrants under s-com. a spokesman says three-quarters had already been removed before and didn't elaborate on the attorney general's decision today. 62,000 of those had convictions but they were trivial and some were detained for running stop signs or a broken taillight.
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>> i'm wondering if money plays into this at all. >> well, right now the way it stands is that if a local municipality holds someone for 48 hours, the feds don't reimburse them the money so the local people are the ones footing the bill for i.c.e. at this point. >> all right. thank you. mini spy planes could soon what patrol the skies over alameda county. the sheriff's office says it needs the remote-controlled drones for emergencies and deputy safety. but cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo says activists are worried big brother is on board. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's department wants to spend $31,000 to purchase this drone and privacy advocates don't have a problem with the cost. their issue is the way the sheriff's department is going about purchasing this aircraft. alameda county sheriff's department wants a camera equipped drone something similar to this for search-and- rescue and searching search warrants in high risk areas where deputies are concerned about armed suspects. >> having a device like this that we could look into that area prior to serving the
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search warrant would be very helpful. >> reporter: but privacy advocates are worried its uses could soon expand. >> where they say they were going to use them for emergency purposes and then use them for surveillance on ordinary americans. >> reporter: some believe the sheriff is not being honest. >> documents that the aclu obtained along with documents that ess obtained showed his true plan is to use a drone for spying for surveillance intelligence gathering. this is spying. >> the sheriff clearly is working to secretly unleash a drone on alameda county. >> reporter: although the sheriff's office had agreed to wait until a hearing before the public protection committee to decide this issue, it suddenly ended up on the county board of supervisors agenda for approval. the undersheriff says it was a clerical error and the item was pull. -- was pulled. as for how the drone will be used, the undersheriff admits it's a gray area. >> there are no hard and fast rules. in fact, currently, the faa hasn't even issued their final rules on using these. >> reporter: it's not just privacy advocates who are cautious. there's a bill in sacramento
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that would establish regulations on drones to protect people's privacy. there is a call to have enforceable safeguards in place. what sort of guarantees can you give them? >> you know, it's a matter of trust. and i know that there are some individuals who don't trust government who don't trust law enforcement. and i don't know how we can ever convince them. >> reporter: the public protection committee is expected to hold a public hearing sometime in january to take up the issue of drones. if the committee approved the drones it would go back to the board of supervisors for final approval. in berkeley, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. >> thank you. >> reporter: it will take some time for debate and talk. >> ann notarangelo, thank you. muni passes will soon be free to low income teenagers in san francisco. san francisco transportation official approved the $1.6 million plan this afternoon. it should go into effect by next march. the program will run for 16 months. it's designed to help low income youth younger than 18 years old.
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>> this is really about equity. this is really about providing opportunity to our youth in the city. >> meanwhile, muni service was back to normal today after a trolley car hit a woman in a wheelchair last night leaving her with life-threatening injuries. and a blown transformer stopped muni metro for much of last night. well, the san francisco board of supervisors gave final approval today to the city's new ban on public nudity. well, that prompted several protestors to strip naked again in the board chambers. they were covered in blankets and escorted out as behalf. backers of the bans say it strikes a ban between nudist and those who don't want to see so much of you. but opponents say what you want to see and don't see, it's up to you. >> if you don't want to see someone, turn way. there's nothing stopping you from turning away. why should you be able to control whether someone is showing their body in public? >> the ban takes effect in
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february. first time offenders face a $100 fine. multiple violation could carry jail time. well, it will soon be a lot tougher to be a smoker in a city in sonoma county. petaluma lead yours unanimously passed an ordinance banning smoking in apartments and motels. the ordinance also bans smoking in public places like bus stops and dining areas. the north bay association of realtors opposed the ban saying that the ordinance would keep property owners from doing something lawful. the smoking ban goes into effect in august of next year. rain starting to fall in parts of the bay area right now. chief meteorologist paul deanno tracking the wet weather it our live high-def doppler radar. >> the strongest radar in town is picking up light to moderate showers. if you are watching us in marin, sonoma, lake, mendocino counties, you have showers out there. you will notice it's not as heavy, not as widespread as what we saw a few days ago just some regular old rainfall moving through but it will be wet for the latter part of the
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evening commute. and our futurecast forecast model says we could get about .75" of rain towards santas rose, ukaih, clearlake but much less than that around san francisco, concord, redwood city. likely less than a .25". rainfall in total. coming up in weather we'll talk about how long this rain is going to stick around and a big pattern change to our weather. we have earned. more coming up. >> you can track the storm anytime with our live high-def doppler radar on our website, what they did was violent and evil. >> his teenaged daughter beaten in the bay area what makes this crime even more disturbing. >> hockey on hold. how a season on ice leads to another painful freeze. >> i'm don ford near devil's slide. how much damage was done to the area in the last storm and will
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caltrans have it fixed before the next storm hits? i'll have the story coming up. ,, ,,,, ♪
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beating an autistic teenage. the 16-year-old special a man from the east bay is under arrest suspected of raping and beating an autistic teenager. the 16-year-old special education student disappeared a week ago after she walked away from a group home in oakland for mentally disabled teens. staff say they followed the girl to the fruitvale bart station but lost sight of her. two days later she was found alone on a bus in san francisco. her dad said she had bruises all around her neck. >> i want this person -- i want him in prison for the rest of his life for what he did and what he did was violent and evil. >> oakland police arrested the suspect. he is identified as gary atkinson, 36 from san francisco. he faces charges including kidnapping and rape. social service workers are investigating if employees at the group home acted appropriately. it's payback time for a bay
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area politician accused of using his procurement card like a personal slush fund. santa clara county board president george shirakawa has been ordered to immediately repay nearly $13,000 in charges. that's after an internal audit found that he had been billing taxpayers for things such as golf fees and rental car upgrades. shirakawa says he will return most of the money but is challenging some of the charges. nhl owners and players resume negotiations today and they are hoping to reach a deal that would save the hockey season. but as len ramirez shows us for the downtown businesses in san jose, the damage is already done. >> reporter: for now the only pro level hockey being played in san jose is happening far from the crowd. on the practice ice by locked- out sharks players wearing their nhl players union jerseys on this the 80th day of the lockout players reheating their skills in pickup games while the season is still on ice. >> mad at both sides:
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>> reporter: and hockey fans feel they are being locked out. >> at first it was kind of understood what they were doing but now it's dragging on. >> reporter: the longer it drags on it means fewer dollars in the pockets of struggling downtown businesses. >> our friend up in canada just did an assessment of the impacts around their arenas. business is 35% down. >> reporter: hockey game nights are the black fridays of restaurant and bars like britannia arms. soccer brought in some people for lunch but now it's empty weekday nights when the sharks would have been playing. >> they have lost about, you know, i think almost a dozen home games by now and it's been noticeable. you miss a tuesday night, sharks home game is better than any friday saturday night that we are going to get. >> reporter: it's not just the hockey players who are losing work. the kitchen and wait staffs are losing hours and the restaurant has had a hiring freeze. >> it's unfortunate. we have people coming in every day asking for applications and ask if we're hiring. we turn them away.
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they are probably great people who could benefit our establishment. >> reporter: the nhl now says that all regularly scheduled games through december 14th have been canceled as a result of the lockout. but everyone concerned the fans and especially the businesses now are hoping for some sort of a breakthrough to get hockey back by christmas. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. checking bay area headlines, fish & game wardens say they had no choice but to shoot two young mountain lions who were hiding in a backyard in half moon bay. the cubs were about 10 months old, they say. on saturday, those cats took refuge under the porch of a home and were not scared of humans which they say is a sign they do pose a future risk to people. a house fire in petaluma lit up the night when firefighters arrived, smoke and flames already shooting from the windows. no one was inside at the time. the house though is a total
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loss. it took firefighters an hour to control the fire that broke out in a san francisco haight-ashbury home on page street. no one was injured. the fire displaced several residents. the rain in the bay area caused problems for an infamous stretch of highway 1 in san mateo county. cbs 5 reporter don ford shows us the work to shore you have devil's slide and why this hopefully won't be a problem in a matter of months. >> reporter: the notorious devil's slide is at it again. during last weekend's storm, a small section gave way. while the mud and rocks were quickly cleared, there was still a problem. the slide left a hole in the side of the hill and workers closed one lane today and started repairing the gap ahead of the next storm. >> what we're trying to do is actually prevent any more erosion because we have another round of storms here. >> reporter: hundreds of cars were stacked up in both
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directions but local drivers didn't seem to mind. >> for the people who do commute, it can be you know -- slow them down a lot which for them is probably a little of a headache. >> reporter: today's traffic restrictions are just an inconvenience compared to the history of devil's slide. the locals are excited because they say soon closures like this will be a thing of the past. the new devil's slide tunnel is almost finished scheduled to be complete next february or march and it will bypass the most dangerous sections of the road. still, some folks will miss the old devil's slide. >> devil's slide is the most beautiful drive ever. i'm sad the tunnel is opening and taking away the scenery. >> reporter: the view is great if you're the passenger. if you are the driver you don't pay attention to the view. the construction crew finished the emergency repairs and opened the roads this afternoon. and the next storm is just around the corner. at the devil's slide, don ford, cbs 5. well, fortunately, this next round not a storm but we're going to get some rain,
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nothing heavy. >> just a personal thing. i'm loathe to use the word storm because storm connotates what we had over the weekend widespread rainfall, flooding, problems. not happening over the next 24 hours. it's going to rain but just rainfall, no storms moving toward the area. we'll get more throughout the winter but not tomorrow. highs today, fremont 63, concord 61, 61 san francisco, half moon bay 60, santa cruz 59, sonoma 56. chilly and humid today. here's hi-def doppler. yes, there are some yellows on your television screen. let's investigate a bit. we have some showers heading over point reyes and we also have some -- one heavier shower passing over calistoga and will miss st. helena by about 5 miles to your north and west. so why is this just rain and not a storm? that bears explaining. i'm going to do that now. northern california is going to get some rainfall. two things have changed. first, the atmosphere isn't as juicy. there's a certain water content that we can measure in the atmosphere and this particular system doesn't have as much as
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the past three that you endured over five days. so not as much juice in the atmosphere and notice everything is lifting to our north and west because that's where the focus of the jet stream energy is. it's been pushed a little to the north because of high pressure building in off the southern california coastline. so that near miss as opposed it a direct hit with less moisture means you're only going to get some rainfall so it will be slick and tough driving at times tomorrow but it won't be an all-day washout and won't be a concern like over the weekend. now, beyond tomorrow, it's all about high pressure and after a very cloudy pattern over the past several weeks we'll have high pressure building in and we'll have a dry chilly sunny northwest flow of air. we'll have highs only around 60 over the weekend with overnight lows in the 30s but you will get some sunshine. mother nature is going to pay us back. it's been cloudy recently. showers coming from the north and then showers all over the bay area. on-and-off rain throughout the bay area tomorrow. after that dry days begin
6:20 pm
thursday. tomorrow wednesday over the hump weather-wise too. low 60s. livermore and san jose 63. napa soggy 61. san francisco 61. oakland 63. once we're finish with tomorrow, we are going to get paid back on some of that sunshine. we have a deficit in that. we'll get it back thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. we are not going to be warm, highs in the 60s. next week dry with cold nights and sunny but chilly afternoons. that's the cbs 5 forecast. >> thank you. should california's mental health workers be allowed to try to make gay teenagers straight? the federal ruling today on conversion therapy. >> i enjoy doing this. giving back to the communities and kids. >> how bay area prison inmates are helping spread holiday cheer. ,, well, well, well.
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conversion therapy.
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o mental health a federal judge is temporarily stoppings the state friend forcingist new law prohibiting gay conversion therapy. two mental health providers and a student are suing to derail the measure. the judge says that they have a right to practice the therapy under the first amendment. the injunction will be in place until the lawsuit is resolved. saying bye-bye to bullying the theme of a video contest for young people in san francisco. and today the district attorney announced the winners. the contest was designed to raise awareness and how to deal with bullying. dozens of submissions came in from middle and high school students. san francisco d.a. george gascon says they are really the experts. >> bullying has to stop. but who is better equipped to put that message out that the people that actually live through it the people that actually witness it? >> the district attorney says 36% of bullied kids miss school
6:24 pm
which affects graduation rates, the economy, and public safety. the top three videos came from saint ignatius high school, the academy the arts and science and lincoln high school. inmates in the south bay are using their woodworking skills to put smiles on kids' faces this holiday season. the santa clara county sheriff's office and the department of corrections donated 350 toys to the toys for tots program and they were all made by elmwood facility inmates in milpitas. they range from a car to those rocking horses. >> definitely i would love to have kids see that i have put, you know, toys together for them and, you know, just good seeing those things go out to them. >> over the last 12 years, elmwood inmates have made more than 3,000 toys for children. and coming up in our next half hour, emergency services on the chopping block. the bay area city that could lose its only fire station. >> on the 8th day of the port strike in southern california,
6:25 pm
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serve. but time could be running out for some fire stations in parts of contra costa county. now at 6:30, they were built to protect and serve but time could be running out for some fire stations in parts of contra costa county. county supervisors heard testimony this afternoon on closing four fire stations. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran explains why the closures may be necessary. >> i actually think it would be a crying shame. i live in the community. i live in this neighborhood. i have always felt safe and secure having these young men here. >> it makes me scared that, you know, what could potentially happen if it takes an extra 5 minutes for a different firehouse to come down. >> reporter: their fear not enough to make change. the reality is, contra costa county couldn't get enough votes. the county's fire protection district's funding measure, measure q, failed to pass a november ballot. now four stations are on the chopping block. >> the decision to close the
6:29 pm
fire stations is not easy. there's no perfect model. we don't go to school to learn how to close fire stations. >> reporter: the fire protection district covers 300 square miles serving 600,000 neighbors. leaders say industry standards require at least 600 firefighters on staff based off the area they cover. but right now, they are operating at 250. >> this organization throughout not only an emergency response but also in fire presentation and support services is bare bones. it is one of the thinly -- most thinly staffed metropolitan fire districts in california. >> reporter: the closures would take effect in early january. it includes stations in walnut creek, martinez, lafayette, and clayton, the city's only fire station. he says all cities within the district would be impacted. >> once we start taking any of those stations out of service, then having ten units at a fire is going to have a bigger impact come january than it
6:30 pm
would now if we had all of our companies in service. >> reporter: not to mention the closures would come during the holidays, when districts see an increase in chimney and house fires. the good news is there would be no layoffs involved in these closures. but the district does tell me if they can't find a financial solution next year, we could see two more closures. in martinez, cate caugiran, cbs 5. there is some new action to try to end the costly eight-day strike at the ports of los angeles and long beach. after an overnight intervention by the mayor, both sides have agreed to bring in a federal mediator. cbs reporter randy paige with the latest on the negotiations. >> both parties have agreed to federal mediation and to a federal mediator. >> reporter: an exhausted mayor announced both sides still have a long way to go and agreed for help from an independent third party. >> i saw movement this morning that i hadn't seen last night
6:31 pm
or during the night. >> reporter: on this 8th day of the strike involving union clerks at the ports of los angeles and long beach, many companies waiting for their goods to be off-loaded from the 16 ships offshore are becoming nervous. >> the product as an example that arrived last week should have been at our factory as of today. >> reporter: he is with the yamaha motor corporation. he says he is worried about the parts that are sitting offshore bound for assembly lines in the eastern united states. how much time do you have before you have to start shutting down assembly lines? >> considering this started middle of last week we don't have many more days. >> reporter: the president and ceo of pacer distribution services the company that transports goods to big retailers like target, walmart and j.c. penney. what will consumers see if this doesn't end soon? >> products not on the shelves. a shortage of seasonal goods so if you are waiting to shop late in the season you the item you want might not be there.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: that's not all. >> raw materials coming in to the manufacturing process that's not going to happen. we have components coming in and technology that that won't happen. so the whole supply chain is being affected by this one little issue right now. >> reporter: the federal negotiator is expected to arrive in los angeles about 8:30 tonight and get here to this community center about 9:00 and that's when negotiators are expected to arrive, as well. in the meantime, they are taking a needed rest. in wilmington, randy paige, cbs 5. and new numbers are out today showing the housing market is making a comeback. u.s. home prices rose more than 6% in october compared with a year ago. that is the greatest yearly gain since july of 2006. prices increased in 45 states in october including california. >> we're considerably higher in the bay area than the rest of the country. our entry level homes are tough so when you start seeing homes in the east bay for $200,000, $250,000, you know, people are
6:33 pm
lining up for them. >> so what is making home buying more affordable? mortgage rates near record lows while rents are on the rise. the u.s. still marching steadily toward the edge of that "fiscal cliff." we have about four weeks before we actually fall off of it. lawmakers still can't agree on how to pull us back. the key sticking points still the same, the white house says no tax hikes for the wealthy, no deal. republicans say it's out of the question. >> the math is clear. the only way to accomplish these things is allow the rates to go up in the top 2% of taxpayers. >> he is going to punish success. we are going to put at risk the economic growth we need to create jobs and taxpayers and revenue we need to lower our deficit. >> temperature there's no deal by the end of the year, harsh tax hikes across the board and steep spending cuts automatically kick in. federal health officials say flu season is already in full swing and what's more,
6:34 pm
early reports are that this year's strain may be severe. ines ferre reports. >> reporter: if you haven't had your flu shot yet now is the time. this is therriest start of the flu season -- this is the earliest start of the flu season in decade. alabama, also louisiana, mississippi, tennessee and texas are already reporting higher-than-normal numbers of cases. >> we usually see flu begin to have an uptick in four to six weeks now so seeing it this early could predict not only a longer but more severe flu season. >> reporter: the most common strain makes people sicker than usual but they are encouraged because this year's vaccine seems to protect against it. an estimated 112 million americans, more than a third of the nation, have already received flu shots. the vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months or old. people who are very young, old
6:35 pm
or have health problems are at greatest risk but the flu can knock anyone out of school or work for a week or so. this year's strain is particularly hard on the elderly. but 70-year-old noel jeffrey isn't concerned. >> i believe in preventive medicine so i get the flu shot every year and i have never had the flu. >> reporter: he says there is no reason everyone shouldn't get vaccinated. ines ferre for cbs news, new york. no way the aggressor. i never went up to him. >> you might say he puts the slap in slapstick. what happened right before a comedian hit a target worker. >> they say some people rooted for their failure. the bitter words from the owners of a shuttered bay area restaurant. ,,,,,,,,,, people are stuck in very old habits
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dead or missing in stormy weather off turkey. this cargo ship is reporting crewmembers missing in the black sea. making matters worse, a rescue boat also crashed into rocks on the coast off istanbul killing two people. the black sea route is a crucial artery for oil tankers. comedian katt williams says he is retiring from stand-up after a series of unusual events over the past few weeks. this video shows one of them. williams allegedly punched a target security guard near sacramento late last month. the 19-year-old guard says williams first gave him a hard time over a motorcycle helmet and then it got physical. >> he approached me and just the argument escalated and he hit me. people are saying he is worth millions. and he just cost me my job. of course that's going to be upsetting, you know? >> the security guard says evidence fired without explanation when the video hit youtube. meanwhile, williams told a tv photographer in seattle that he
6:39 pm
is retiring from stand-up. he was arrested there over the weekend for an assault. williams also had problems at a show in oakland last month when he allegedly tried to start a fight with people in the audience. you might say it's so hard to find good yelp these days. a newly shuttered san francisco restaurant says it has proof of that. a farewell note posted outside jake's on market claims bias yelp reviews put it on the fast track to failure. it closed after just 10 months. the owners say a lot of the online complaints were unnecessarily nitpicking or simply false. yelpers are already posting their rebuttals. a word of advice. take a look at your money. >> nobody wants to be the cashier that took the bad bill. >> the three step process to tell real cash from bogus bills. >> there is more rain on the radar tonight. a lot of you up in the north bay are probably saying enough is enough. you got a half foot of rain last week. here are more showers on cbs 5 hi-def doppler.
6:40 pm
find out when you'll get a break that's going to last a long time coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell at the embarcadero ice rink and tonight santa claus will come on and give what he thinks the gift should be for the local sports teams. it's always a lot of fun. coming up in just a few minutes.
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netflix has grabbed the rigs to show disney movies. the announcement is a breakthrough for the embattd video service. this is the first time a major hollywood studio netflix has grabbed the rights to show disney movies. the announcement is a breakthrough for the embattled video service. this is the first time a major hollywood studio has sold rights to netflix instead of a network like hbo or showtime. beginning in 2016, netflix will be able to show disney movies about 7 months after they leave theaters. well, the holidays of course busiest time of the year for stores but also time-saver traffic for crooks trying to pass off counterfeit bills. >> reporter: when customers pay
6:44 pm
-- as cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, getting stuck with a counterfeit could cost you time and money. >> reporter: when customers pay claudia herrera pays attention. >> 650. >> reporter: since last summer the cashiers at cole hardware are required to carefully examine most bills. >> we have a procedure in place where every cashier that takes a bill $20 or larger must check the bill in three different ways. >> reporter: back in august the mom and pop operation got stung with 3 counterfeit $100 bills a big hit for the small business. >> there is no recourse really. once we have already taken the money, it's just --we're just out of luck. >> you see the difference in the portraits? >> reporter: charles white of the secret service says 55,000 in counterfeit bills show up at northern california banks every week a number that usually increase during the holidays. and whether it's a bank, business or an individual, if they accept it, they're out of luck. >> there is no part of the government that it's going to reimburse them for their loss. >> reporter: the best way to judge if a suspect bill is real is do a side by side comparison with a bill you know is real. >> see the difference right away. look at his eyes. >> reporter: he says counterfeit can't match the
6:45 pm
level of detail on a real bill something that's often obvious around the portrait. >> if you look at this it's flat on the paper. >> reporter: other clues? real bills have features like a security thread, watermarks and color shifting ink. and kohl's now goes one step further using a special pen that only marks fake bills. >> that tells us the paper is legitimate. >> reporter: a three step process the employees take seriously. >> nobody wants to be the cashier that took that bad bill. >> reporter: now, the secret service says counterfeiters will often mix real bills along with phonies to throw you off and many counterfeiters try to get rid of the bills when paying for things they find on craigslist. and keep in mind, if those bills end up in your pocket, you could be held liable if you try to use it even unknowingly. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5 eyewitness news. the statue of liberty is
6:46 pm
closedded for the holidays as storm cleanups. hurricane sandy spared the statue but did widespread repair on the island. the statue just got a $30 million spruceup that closed it for a year and it reopened the day before hurricane sandy. >> that's a shame. that was a storm. that was -- 13-foot water level. >> probably for a time all that was visible was the statue itself in the entire island surrounding it under water. kind of crazy. our storm around here in comparison not as big but it was a significant blow we tack over the past couple of days. many of you had more than half a foot of rainfall in just five days. we do have another round of rain moving in. i'm not going to call it a storm. we won't have flooding or widespread problems from the next system, just rain moving through. 63 degrees in livermore, san jose, san francisco and oakland. santa rosa with some rain showers around for you with 54. concord 57. have you noticed the lack of sunshine? taking that extra vitamin d
6:47 pm
pill in the morning? only 3 of the past 19 days have been sunny. i'm happy to report that will change coming up. but we have it get through this first. and this is some rain being picked up right now. on cbs 5 hi-def doppler, latest zoom into highway 101 some fresh new showers moving through. marinwood, novato, missing san rafael but you will get some. showers in marin county, sonoma county, lake county and mendocino county right now. it will be cloudy tonight and like mother nature throwing a blanket over top of us so it will be milder. concord 51. oakland 53. you will wake up tomorrow morning to 51 for san rafael, santa rosa 49. mountain view 52. so we have the clouds. we have some rain. but we don't have a storm. there are two reasons why. first, the atmosphere doesn't have as much water in so not as much potential for the rain to fall out of the sky. secondly, we have high pressure building in. it's going to play a role in our weather for the next seven days. right now all it's done and this is significant is move the storm track a little to the north so it's southern oregon and far northern california getting the direct hit from the
6:48 pm
next system. while get a glancing blow so it's the near miss. you will get rain and it will be wet out there tomorrow. the commute will stink as it normally does anytime it rains. not going to ham of the high pressure will happen for the next several days once the system is over. we'll get a dry northwest flow of air. that means sunshine but it also means chilly weather. we're talking lows in the 30s and highs only right around 60 degrees. so let's show you basically the next 36 hours of weather here with futurecast. 10:00 tomorrow morning. widespread showers from santa rosa all the way down to santa cruz. we are looking at some heavy showers. and then rain moving out by tomorrow evening. then clouds move out thursday 1:00 in the afternoon mainly sunny. highs tomorrow with the rain around low 60s oakland 63, san jose 63, palo alto 62. you will have showers at times for pleasant hill, pittsburg, antioch, highs in the low 60s and a steady rainfall overnight and tomorrow morning for santa rosa. your high 61.
6:49 pm
san francisco 61 degrees tomorrow. once we're finished with tomorrow's rain, it is smooth sailing highs around 60. overnight lows chilly but we'll be sunny for six straight days after wednesday. that's your cbs 5 forecast. sports is coming up next.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
dennis o'donnell live at the embarcadero plaza for tonight's sports report. dennis. >> reporter: yes, thanks a lot, allen. i'm with all my elves and, of course, my special guest, santa claus. he will be coming up in just a minute. this is the embarcadero ice rink and it's a wonderful place to get in the holiday spirit if you want to try a little bit of ice skating. again, santa coming up in just a moment. but first, we'll begin with some sad news. the raiders head coach dennis allen who left the football team following sunday's game against the browns to be with his ailing father in texas, his father has passed away at the age of 66. grady allen had a heart attack last week and was in a dallas area intensive care unit. he played in the nfl as a linebacker with the falcons for five seasons. both he and his son played college football at texas a & m. dennis allen plans to be with the raiders thursday when they host denver on thursday night football. and speaking of denver, they come to the black hole for the first time with peyton manning
6:53 pm
under center. the future hall of famer overcame a bad neck injury to turn the broncos into a serious contender for the super bowl. >> i think it's historical to be honest with you. i wish we could document it you know, the process to be honest with you. then to come to a new team, new teammates, new city, everything about it new, it's amazing. now, stanford battles wives for the rose both. of the badgers football coach bielema might not be on the sidelines. he accepted the vacancy at arkansas who was 4-8 this year. the grass is green in palo alto for stanford head coach david shaw building an empire on the farm. i spoke with him on game day. how much of an impact is going to the rose bowl going to have on the immediate future for stanford in terms of recruiting? >> it's been great. we have a lot of great responses from kids that we're recruiting. we have a bunch of coaches on
6:54 pm
the road and they are stanford polos with their rose bowl emblems on the side. it's a great deal thing right now because you know that at stanford you get an outstanding education and play top football like few places in the country. young man, are you a fan of barry bonds? >> what? >> okay. that's the popularity factor right now for -- we have a barry bonds fan right here. now, until about a month ago -- well, in about a month barry bonds will find out if he is a first ballot hall of famer or not. the dodger manager tommy lasorda says no, referring to bonds, sosa an clemens, he said they cheated. that's the way it is. if my brother did that i'd say the same thing about my brother. i mean, i know those guys. they're good friends of mine. but by golly, they didn't do it the right way. i'll tell you, it's a shea. a shame. scutaro is close to staying with the giants. he was reportedlied off a two-
6:55 pm
year contract to remain in san francisco. bochy told espn says he is hoping he accepts the offer. bochy and sabean return to 2014. one nfl star in the spirit of the season andre johnson taking kids from the texas child protective services and let them loose at toys 'r us, $19,500. that's one heck of a spree! here it is with my christmas elves and santa claus, santa, it's always great to see you. >> good to see you, too, dennis. >> clause every year provides gifts for the local sports teams. let's start with the raiders. what do you have in your bag of tricks for the raiders? >> well, dennis, it's been essentially a rough year for the oakland raiders. the has game was blacked out. the game on thursday is likely to be blacked out so the elves and i have been working hard at the north pole to manufacture a lot of these hopefully to get the game back on air.
6:56 pm
>> that's a fan if you didn't that at home. >> maybe it's a good thing that the raiders are blocked out because they might get smoked by the broncos. >> well, you know what? and the lord said that he who trusts in the bible will have everlasting life. and we are going to get a lot of these for the raider players and have them do a lot of praying hopefully they might have a victory. but i doubt it, dennis. >> all the prayers they will need it. i have just received word, santa claus that the game will be televised locally. okay. how about the 49ers? >> well, we have a real quarterback controversy brewing. we have colin kaepernick on one side and alex smith on the other side. and jim harbaugh seems to not know what to do with as he claims his two hot hand quarterbacks. so to handle them properly we got him a pair of gloves to see what he can do in managing his team right now. ho ho ho!
6:57 pm
>> thank you. okay. you're dying in front of the audience. what about the sharks? >> well, hockey. [ laughter ] >> hockey. >> i got 15 seconds. >> we have them a puck. all the sharks fans we have you a puck because this is as close as you will get to hockey this season. ho ho ho! ,, ,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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